Vegetarian Rice

Vegetarian Rice


½ medium size chopped onion
1 clove chopped garlic
1 chopped courgette
1 grated carrot
1 chopped red or yellow pepper
½ cup frozen peas
½ tin chopped tomatoes
1½ cup Vegetable stock
½ cup Dried brown rice
1 tbsp dried parsley
1 tbsp Turmeric


  •  Black and white pepper
  • salt
  1.  Add onion, garlic and turmeric to pan with a splash of veg stock.
  2.  Stirring, cook gently for a 3 mins then add the chopped courgette, grated  carrot and chopped pepper
  3.  Stir well for a further 3 mins then add the dried rice
  4.  Stir rice well with the vegetables until they mix.
  5.  Once rice distributed well throughout the mixture add the stock‐ leave to boil
  6. Once boiled immediately turn heat down to simmer and cover. Cook for 10  mins
  7.  Add in chopped tomatoes and frozen peas and stir
  8.  Cover and simmer for a further 10 mins
  9. Once cooked stir in dried parsley with seasoning

Ready to be serve.

• You can also use white basmati rice instead of brown rice
• Adding chicken stock add more flavor in it.
• Rice must be dried before using.






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