Spring is Common Thought’s theme for April because we can’t wait for things to start blooming!  This month, we’ll feature all things spring – what are some of your favourite things to do this time of year?  Share in the comments, and let us know what kind of spring related articles you’d love to see, too.

I have a spring cleaning ritual for my office space.  Whether your workspace is a cubicle, corner office, or home office, here are my tips to make your office a place you want to be.  You want to be comfortable but also motivated, and finding the balance will help you to be more productive.

Start by putting everything you use for work on a desk or table.  Sort your stuff into categories, such as: work in progress, filing, tools, and decorative items.  Decluttering is easier once you can see what you have – and what you have too much of! Does your “tools pile” have 73 pens in it?  Go through and test each one. If it doesn’t work or you just don’t like the way it writes, toss it or give it away. Marie Kondo’s question “does it spark joy?” is helpful during this exercise!

When you’ve removed the tools you don’t need and done your filing, you can clean and organize your desk.  An in-basket or a hanging file rack can help keep track of current projects. Place tools according to how often you use them; lesser used items can go in boxes or drawers.

Finally, personalization: this is all about you.  It can be as minimal as you want, or you can have plants, photos, and decorative items covering your space.  Questions to ask yourself: how do I like to work? What inspires or relaxes me to help facilitate that? Have fun and let me know how it goes!

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  1. Thanks for your terrific ideas! we are working hard at building more content ahead of our official launch date in a few weeks; please keep reading!

  2. Fab post! I am a spring cleaning junkie and my office is my pride and job, but like everyone’s, needs that bit of TLC every once in a while. Will be using your tips for sure to declutter the filing cabinet.

    For future articles, I would love to see all spring cleaning for rooms, and garden, and possibly something on kick-starting a healthy living program and getting outside more.

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