3 way we know to “time for reflection”

We are nearing the end of the year, we can see the leaves fall down around us, they turn from green to brown to let us know that they’re ready to finish their lifecycles. The natural light around us also changes as it gradually shifts from striking to soothingly dim. It seems as if all around us are hibernating, taking a rest, getting itself prepared to burst forward when the time calls in Spring. We must also do the same. Taking this opportunity to reflect upon the year, our experiences, and what we have learned from them is vital towards our renewal. We can bounce back, completely replenished of the soul, body, mind, and spirit.

The cycle of the earth and ourselves

Coming to terms with being connected at our very core to the Earth isn’t easy in this day and age. We spend most of our time indoors, never really having to acknowledge the changing tides or fleeting colors of the moon. We mainly only recognize the shift in weather once it has become an inconvenience to us. We forget that this is all part of the inevitable cycle that the Earth must complete, and us too.


Our reblooming will take place whether we like it or not. So, how can we be sure that we’ve done enough to achieve spiritual, physical, and mental fulfillment throughout the year? How can we adequately reflect on this as we wind down? Conveniently this mid-winter period is known as a time for family, friends, and giving thanks. Sharing the lessons, we have learned throughout the year and what has helped us to feel inner peace with our loved ones is a fantastic first step to winding down your year.

The satisfaction you get from sharing self-love, empowerment, and mindfulness with those around you will aid in your inner journey.


Our cycle

Here at Commonthought.net, our yearly cycle is also coming to an end. We have had a successful year in sharing our message of peace, love, health, culture, art, and self-care. We have even achieved our goals of reaching the most people through means of our podcasts, Youtube channel, and social media. We have conversed with numerous well-being experts on our podcast, allowing them to share their insights and expertise in the health sphere and spirituality domain. By also offering healthy and wholesome recipes, organizing tips, wellness advice, and food blogs, we have spread our message far and wide.



We too must take our down-time. We will bloom once again to share our ideas in the Spring of 2020. So, be sure to check back in then. We would like to leave you with a tip on exactly how to restart your new year effectively and worry-free. It’s as simple as writing down anything that has been nagging away at you throughout the previous year, any lingering worry or pain onto a piece of paper. Burning this piece of paper will then mentally set you free from whatever qualm you had written. You can then breeze into the new year, ready to take on new problems and trample them under your feet!

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