It’s About Last Fall when I bought a travel trailer and jumped rashly into the world of camping without any experience with a travel trailer or RV. In my point of view, I have learned much more than I expected, because it’s always exciting to experience something new. And all I have to say is, I LOVE IT. My many previous trips were mostly trial and error due to some things we forgot and had no idea that we would need them. As we know you need so many things when you are on a family outdoor trip. So, here I have created a thorough RV checklist packing-which is printable for you, this way you can save time as well and won’t do the mistakes we did!


In this blog, I use the term RV and family outdoor traveling interchangeably. This list will surely help you in not forgetting all things necessarily required in your big family outdoor trip. Even if you are a different style of camper, don’t worry, I have got you!


So, the first thing I did on our family outdoor camping trip was I booked a stay at a campground which was just a few miles away from my house. We did this on purpose because I was sure that I would forget a lot of things and if I were close to home It would be easy to run back home and get the things I have forgotten. This happens when you are on a family outdoor trip. Ugh! And as a result, it was a great idea because I made more than one visit to the home to get some supplies. Only if I had an RV checklist, my life would have been so much easier.

So, the trip ended up being on a very sunny day. While kids were busy exploring and getting dirty -what usually happens in family outdoor trips- end up bringing extras of literally everything.

Don’t forget to bring extra rugs in case your rugs get dirty and muddy. Because of the kids, obviously. Also, another great idea is bringing extra shoes and to have sneakers, sandals and rubber boots. When you are on a family outdoor trip, don’t forget to pack a variety of warm clothes as well as cold-weather clothing. Because you don’t know you may have a warm day and a cool night. It’s always good to be prepared! Talking about us, we have the habit of keeping an extra bin of kid’s clothing in our camper’s storage bin, this way we never run out. These were some must-haves for family outdoor traveling.

Here is a tip for making maximum space inside the camper. I found affordable ways to get the most bang for my buck and maximize space. I use collapsible silicone items like measuring spoons and cups, bowls and colander, in my kitchen. I was also able to find collapsible silicone dog dishes ( one of the best while family outdoor camping) and also a collapsible silicone laundry basket.

Luckily, I was able to find many items that would help us save counter space. In the living room and bedroom area, we put these tissue box holders. Also, I love that “pop a bowl” and “pop a plate” which are mounted underneath the kitchen cupboards. The most interesting thing is knife safe is mounted to the wall by the  stove. The thing which doubles my counter space is the stovetop cutting board!

Also, I added an affordable dollar store basket and storage organizer under the couch, in the closet and cupboards and I use under-bed storage for extra supplies and food.

I added affordable shelf linear and lined all the cupboards and drawers with it to help prevent the items inside from too much shifting around. Also, adding a cupboard shelf helps in doubling the storage inside the cabinets.


Free RV checklist printable packing list. Don’t forget Anything on your next family outdoor camping trip in your travel trailer.

This free printable camping list has everything you need on a family outdoor trip or even if you are traveling alone.




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