The Spark Podcast is a every 2 weeks (Wednesday)  each episode explores topics from food, stress, sleep, fitness, toxins, natural living, self improvement and much more to give you actionable steps to improve your family’s health.

A conversation with some of the most interesting and inspiring minds in wellness.

Xeing is the creator and “Spark”. Her lifetime passion and devotion to all things life has led her to a long-time career as life coach and sustainability. When she’s not working in her blog, she’s likely garden, being active outdoor or spending time with his family in Moose Jaw, SK.

Episode 1
Book launch-
with Amanda Moser

 Join us for  soulful connection as we celebrate the launch of Amanda Moser’s new book The Soulful Journaling Guide, Your Path to Healing and Self-discovery.

Amanda is an Intuitive Life Coach, Psychic Medium, and Reiki Master based out of Moose Jaw, SK. She has been serving clients all across Canada since 2016.


Podcast: June 12-2019


Episode 2 
Fear of public speaking— with Geremey Q

Public speaking is the #1 fear for a lot of people. So what do you do if making presentations scare you? In this episode of Sparks Podcast, I will be talking to Geremey Q with Toastmasters recognized public speaking expert about fear of public speaking. 

Podcast: June 26-2019


Episode 3 
” Journaling is it for You” with Cindy Perreault.

Cindy grew up in Moose Jaw, Sask. She eventually graduated from the First Nations University of Canada, University of Regina. Her journey into writing began as a young girl writing in a diary.  She learned at an early age to express herself through writing where she wrote about her deepest thoughts, her secrets and her feelings. While in University she wrote a paper on integrating journaling techniques into First Nations Counselling. She continues to use journaling as part of her life today.

Podcast: July 10-2019


Episode 4 
“Reducing Waste” with Brad Bronson

Today, for our fourth episode, we kick off our Sustainability Series, in which we look at how we can reduce waste both at home and around the world.

The statistics on waste are alarming. Canada, in particular, is a major culprit. For example, according to Keith Brooks from Environmental Defence, we Canadians recycle only nine percent of the plastic we use.

Of course, we are all guilty of making unnecessary waste, but this is adding up to a major problem for the planet.

Is there a solution? And does it depend on recycling or reducing ALL waste?

Podcast: July 24-2019

Episode 5: “Death Cafe”
Guest: Donna Kostal
Podcast: Aug 7,2019 

Death Cafes are meetups where people come together to discuss death. They’re organized around the world. We will speak with Donna Kostal from the Moose Jaw Public Library about how she found this type of support right here in our small town. I think it will be a very interesting conversation, so I hope you will join us.

​Episode 6: “Acupuncture and Pain Relief”
Guest: Fiona Meng
Date: Aug 21,2019 ​

What is Acupuncture and How Does it Work?  We will speak with Fiona Meng from the Unity Acupuncture Clinic about how she found acupuncture helps living better  lifestyle. I think it will be a very interesting conversation, so I hope you will join us.

​Episode 7: “- Social side of Urban farming”
Guest: Keri Fox
Date: Sept 18,2019 ​

Keri is the creator of Green Sister Gardens is an urban SPIN farm that was created in 2012 as attempt to be part of a positive solution.

Our goal at GSG is to provide healthy and environmentally conscious food options. We hope to foster social change by building a stronger community and empowering people to grow their own food.

Episode 8: “Being in Present with Others”
Guest: Christian Kitchen

Date: Oct 2,2019

This episode is going to be special because first time meeting Christian Kitchen the creator of Organically Connected. Their mission is become a “hub” for anything and everything that promotes self-discovery. The products the shop sell are designed and created to help aid you along your journey within. Organically Connected is inspired to help anyone seeking peace and fulfillment in their lives. Using mindfulness, journaling, community and meditation to gently guide you in your own journey.

We’ll be back in Spring 2020, where we’ll do lots. Of brainstorming and bring in new guests. If you know of someone or want to promote your writing, we’d. Love to hear from you.

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  1. MBerlman

    You work with such insightful and thoughtful speakers – I always look forward to your podcasts. I listen to them on my way to work and find they put me in a positive mindset.

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