National Cheese Day

National Cheese Day

National Cheese Day – June 4th Introduction I know its cheesy but who cares when the National Cheese Day is just round the corner for the cheese lovers out there. National Cheese Day is observed on the 4th of June each year. This day is marked to enjoy the most loved dairy product i.e. cheese. Cheese can be enjoyed in abundance of forms be it in grilled cheese sandwiches, pizzas, cheese topped fries.

It’s so cheesy going! According traditions there is no particular record as to when cheese was first made. However, it is believed that the process of production of domesticated milk had begun around 10,000 years ago. Historians argue that cheese was first made in Arab, Egypt and Greece.

While other countries that it was invented many thousand years ago when sheep herders would stock milk in animals. The milk would eventually separate into curd and whey. Cheese making further adapted in Roman Empire and European countries dating back to around 7500 years. Many cheese variety that was produced was not consumed solely by humans. However, currently there are 1400 different kinds of cheese for us to feast on.

Traditions of National Cheese Day: National Cheese Day is to be observed by consuming different kinds of cheese, especially those never tried before. Soup, fries, ravioli, pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches or crackers can be consumed. If not trying new recipes make it even more exciting. All you have to do is feast on kinds of cheese with each meal you take! Even though there are a number of cheese that are used globally, there are a few that are most popular. Brie cheese originated from France with a creamy texture is mild on the tummy. The colour is pale yellow and white rind.

This chewy and light flavored cheese has immense popularity around the globe. Like Brie, Camembert cheese originates from France and is popular enough. Camembert is less creamy with a stronger flavor. Cheddar cheese home is England. This cheese is smooth in texture with a light to strong taste of flavor. Cheddar cheese is orange to pale yellow colored.

Cottage Cheese that comes from the Canada has to be consumed fresh, otherwise it is likely to go bad quicker than other variety of cheese. This white colored cheese, that tastes slightly saltish is good for people who want to consume more protein. Fetta Cheese is made from sheep or goat milk in France. The white cheese is unique due to its creamy and salty taste. Gorgonzola made in Italy is high on flavor with a cream like texture.

It is further divided into two types i.e. Picante and Dolce. Gouda, a Dutch dark yellow cheese varies from mild to pungent taste. Creamy white, mild and chewy cheese made from Italian Buffalo milk is known as Mozzarella cheese. Mozzarella Cheese is widely used around the globe. Parmesan cheese that is hard in texture and is unpasteurized. It undergoes an aging process. However, it is used to add flavor in many recipes.

Ricotta cheese is creamy, soft and white. Furthermore, this fresh cheese is sweet and is made out of whey. Wensleydale, a famous British cheese is accompanied with a couple of dry fruits and a most texture. Stilton, a cheese from England that has been consumed since the 18th century is lauded for its diet benefits.

Roquefort is beautiful blue cheese that has luxurious flavors all the way from France. Conclusion: How the cheese day is celebrated is totally dependent on the personal preferences. It is a holiday that allows you to try a variety of cheese and brings family and loved ones together to celebrate the tradition.

Furthermore, it marks the importance of use of cheese in our daily lives for better health.

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