Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival

Asian countries are well known for having a rich cultural heritage and celebrate quite a number of festivals. Some of the most important fall within harvest festivals, which are celebrated as a form of thanks for the blessing of a bountiful harvest.

One such festival is the Mid-Autumn festival. Also known as the Moon Festival, the mid-Autumn festival is one of the most important festivals celebrated by the East Asian community.

This rich, cultural celebration is observed by the Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Singaporeans, Malaysians, Indonesians, Koreans and Cambodia. 

It is an annual celebration that usually takes place between September 8th and October 6th. In other words, the 15th day of the eight-month on the Chinese Lunar calendar falls within those dates. 


The Significance Of The Mid-Autumn Festival

As mentioned earlier, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also called the Moon Festival. This is, as a result of the fact that this festival falls on the 15th day of the eighth Lunar month. And on this day, a full moon appears.

It has been rumored that the moon shines the brightest on this specific day. Hence, it is a day that promotes family reunion and togetherness.

More importantly, the significance of the Mid-Autumn festival, like most other festivals is to give thanks for a bountiful harvest. Also, it encourages everyone to look forward to a better harvest next year.

This warm holiday is, also, used as an opportunity to pray as a family. Asking for favors for so many reasons, whether personal or not is very common.

The Mid-Autumn Festival Tradition

Certainly, Mid-Autumn festivals entail spending the day with family. However, if you’re curious about the tradition, then keep reading;

  • Cooking/ Eating Out Together

The family reunion and togetherness are one of the significant reasons why this festival is celebrated. Hence, it is customary to have dinner with your family.

Although mothers would always cook at home in the past, you can decide to have dinner in a nice restaurant. As long as everyone is happy and together, then it is perfect.

  • Sharing & Eating Mooncakes

Making and sharing mooncakes are easily the most symbolic aspect of the mid-Autumn festival. Mooncakes are a delicious, traditional, Chinese pastry enjoyed on this glorious day.

Made from lotus seed powder, wheat flour and sugar, they are sliced according to the number of people present at the festival. After which, they are shared.

  • Viewing/Acknowledging The Moon

On this day, the full moon shines the brightest and reminds everyone of their home. A common tradition of this festival is watching the full moon together as a family.

Most people partake in this either on their rooftops, lakeside or mountain tops.

  • Making Colorful Lanterns

Colorful lanterns of different shapes, colors and sizes are made on the day of the festival. It usually serves two purposes. First, it symbolizes fertility and secondly, it signifies the moon.

A common practice among the Chinese is to write riddles on the lantern and have others guess the answers. Mainly, this was done just for the fun of it.


The Mid-Autumn Festival usually ends with families seeing a movie to relax while basking in family and unity.

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  1. I love paper lanterns and seeing them all lit up for festivals is such a special treat! What a fantastic way to celebrate the season with friends and family.

  2. I used to be lucky enough to live near a vibrant and bustling Chinatown. I looked forward to the Mid-Autumn Festival every year – and of course I always got mooncakes!

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