Jumpstarting your creativity part 2

Jumpstarting your creativity part 2

Last time we introduced the concept of multiple intelligences and how we can explore them to jumpstart our creativity.

Professor and developmental psychologist Howard Gardner introduced the eight intelligences which brings a new perspective on how we define the individual. He talks about social or interpersonal, musical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, logical-mathematical, intrapersonal, naturalistic and verbal-linguistic intelligences.

Today we cover the last four of them, the logical-mathematical, intrapersonal, naturalistic and verbal-linguistic intelligence. Let’s see what we can explore and try to boost our creativity levels and what gets us to be inspired!


Ever since the beginning of time, numbers fascinated the humanity. We worked with them to create true wonders of the World (think only about the pyramids in Egypt). Numbers and mathematics train your brain for creative problem solving.

 Although they seem a very rigid system, they actually help you create a new frame of work or an altogether new system. For example, music is based on number of patterns. Creative producers use numbers as a strategy of creating. Don’t be scared of numbers, make them your friends and challenge yourself in problem-solving!


Intrapersonal intelligence deals with our own selves. If the social intelligence encouraged us to talk and interact with others, the intrapersonal pushes us to discover our own resources of creativity.

Practically, it is focused on self-development. It is about consciously analyzing who you are and understanding yourself.

Activities that can help you discover this creativity capital you own are journaling, reading and meditation, keeping track of your daily habits, asking and answering questions about yourself.


Nature is a primal need we have as humans. From the beginning of humanity, we were closely tied to our environment. It would provide us with food, shelter and clothing, everything we needed to survive.

Our current lifestyles are quite disconnected from nature: we spend most of our time in traffic, at a desk, inside. Our brains pang for time out, our skin longs for the warm sun rays and our lungs for fresh air.

Taking some time once in a while to go trekking, a walk in the park, even to do some gardening if you are lucky enough to own a garden can do wonders for your mind and well-being. A happy body makes a happy mind, and when our minds are happy our creativity reaches high.


This is closely related to our social intelligence: by talking, telling stories, giving speeches, writing essays or pieces of creative writing, we train our brains to make connections between words, we train it to find the optimum sense and meaning in what we say and we build up our vocabulary.

Writing and tale-telling are wonderful means of jumpstarting your creativity! Brainstorming, free-thinking, they do wonderful things to your imagination.

As we have seen, these types of intelligences work different areas of our brain and body. However, it is essential that you practice as many of them as possible. It has to be trained. If you only train your verbal intelligence or your kinesthetic intelligence and neglect the others, your creativity will suffer.

It can be very uncomfortable sometimes to work on some of the intelligence mentioned. However, pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones will open new paths. Strive to seek inspiration in places you wouldn’t go to first and see what wonderful things your brain and body have for you!

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2 thoughts on “Jumpstarting your creativity part 2

  1. I started prioritizing nature walks and time outside a few weeks ago and it has helped change my outlook on life so much. I feel as though I have a connection to the outside world and a deeper appreciation for the things around me that I might normally take for granted.

  2. This is so interesting! I would love to explore my logical-mathematical creativity because I find these areas to be somewhat intimidating. I do love music and math-based brainteasers though, so maybe that’s a good place to start.

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