Jumpstarting Creativity Part 1

Jumpstarting Creativity Part 1

There are days however when our creativity seems… lacking. We may find ourselves sitting in front if a blank canvas, staring at a sheet of paper with nothing to put down. Or, sometimes, we may feel trapped in a routine, doing the same things over and over again. Those moments can be very frustrating and they can alter our well-being. They can make us cranky and even disturb the equilibrium of our relationships.

How do we jumpstart our creativity then? How can we overcome these moments?

Professor and developmental psychologist Howard Gardner makes a very interesting contribution to the field of intelligence theory and states that there are multiple intelligences (eight). This opens a whole new world to the creatives.

The eight intelligences Howard Gardner talks about are: social or interpersonal, musical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, logical-mathematical, intrapersonal, naturalistic and verbal-linguistic.

Today we shall talk about the first four of them.

  1. Social or interpersonal intelligence

Helen Keller said “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

When we reach to other people, they can contribute to new ideas, new concepts and view-points that can open doors for our creative process. When we talk and interact with others, our body releases dopamine which acts as a motivational salience. Isn’t that great?

Try meeting with a group of friends, make a brainstorming team, talk with someone new, and interact with your neighbors. You never know where inspiration comes from.

  • Musical

Yes, not all of us can sing. Some are more blessed when it comes to this ability. However, listening to music has been proven as a remedy to so many troubles. It gives you peace, it helps you relax and it can help you achieve clarity.

Next time you find yourself in a slump, put on some music, sing, shake the dust off that instrument you used to play, maybe invite some friends for karaoke and combine the social intelligence with the musical one!

  • Spatial

Space is something that surrounds us. We live in it and we experience it on a subconscious level. Take charge of it by exercising your designing skills, mind mapping, mapping out routes, taking architecture or urbanism classes, paint or draw what you see around. Take part in activities that encourage spatial intelligence like Pecha Kucha Night. Do some small changes to your office or your room. See how that makes you feel. Play with colour, with light. Discover the space around you and let it inspire you.

  •   Bodily-Kinesthetic

Did you ever notice how babies just can’t stop moving? They lay on their back and wave their hands, their little legs.

They may know something though. When we move, when we are active and engage our bodies constantly, our heart, our brain, everything starts working together. There are so many benefits of working out and moving, we cannot cover them all now, but exercise is key in maintaining a healthy brain and a healthy mindset.

Go for a swim, a run, go dancing next time you feel low in your creativity.

Essential to jumpstarting your creativity is to choose something you don’t normally do. Try stepping out of your comfort zone. If your comfortable creative zone is music, try exploring your bodily-kinesthetic intelligence for a change.

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  1. Wonderful paintings! This is the kind of info that are meant to be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for no longer positioning this submit upper! Thank you =)

  2. I love how you’ve framed the different types of creativity by giving real-world examples. For instance, I never considered that a child’s constant movement was a display of Bodily-Kinesthetic creativity but I totally get it now!

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