How To Improve Your Home’s Air Quality (& Why You Should Care)

We often take the air we breathe for granted.  When was the last time you thought about it?  But air quality is extremely important, and in this article, we’ll discuss easy ways to improve your air quality at home, no matter where you live!

Poor air quality can have a large impact on your health.  Breathing conditions such as asthma and allergies can be triggered by air pollution.  Several heart conditions can also be affected by polluted air.  Poor air quality can increase the risk of stroke and aggravate lung conditions, too.

If you experience symptoms such as tiredness, headaches and/or dizziness, wheezing, sneezing, and difficulty breathing, more coughing or mucous, or eye irritation, you may wish to have the air tested in your home.  You can buy air quality testing kits from most hardware stores.

Quick ways to improve your air quality include improving ventilation, reducing contaminants, and filtering the air.

Improve ventilation in your home by using fans in the kitchen and bathroom.  Give all heaters and heat vents space, don’t crowd them with furniture.  Don’t press furniture up against walls, give a little space for air flow.  Leave doors to unused rooms open to they don’t get musty.  Open your windows whenever possible.

Reduce contaminants by cleaning regularly to avoid dust buildup.  Use a mattress and pillow protector on your bed.  Make your home a smoke-free zone.  Reduce humidity and avoid mould by fixing leaks, reducing dampness with a dehumidifier, and using bathroom and kitchen fans. 

Filter the air in your home as a final step.  Add some houseplants to help clean your air naturally.  Air cleaners with HEPA filters and electrostatic precipitators collect pollutants.  Make sure to maintain these regularly if you use them! Please share your favourite tricks and tips in the comments, so we can all breathe a little easier. 

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  1. I recently found a list of the best plants for improving the quality of indoor air. Some wonderful, low-maintenance options include spider plants, bamboo, and peace lily. As a bonus, greenery has been shown to improve mood and reduce stress!

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