Getting Married In Our Thirties2

Getting Married In Our Thirties2


Questions & Answers by Xeing Bronson

How old were you when you and Brad got married?  What was it like getting married later in life?

Brad and I got married in 2004 when we were both in our thirties.  When we got married we thought it was such a great age to get married, because we were older.  So we’d had a lot of fun before we got married, but still in our minds, thirties was old enough.

Apparently, the average couple marries in their early thirties.  Compared to our generation as a whole, we did get married later, but even through the ups and downs, we’re pleased with when we got married.  We don’t view when we got married as “older” (vs. just right) so I don’t think it’s affected our marriage in a positive or negative light.  It just is what it’s supposed to be.

How did you and Brad meet?

Funnily enough, Brad and I met at work (I know, right?).  Brad was just staring his career at a Graphic Design company.  We befriended each other, and for a year, we hung out with other friends.  After that, we developed into a couple.


How did things change when you had kids?

Things change when you have one kid, but things change a lot when you have more than one if you ask me.  Personally, I think our marriage has gotten stronger since we’ve become parents, because we have to be very intentional about how we schedule our time and ensure we make time for one another.  My appreciation for Brad has grown because I get to see him as a father which he is amazing at.  He really gives it 100%, like he gives everything.

How long did you guys date before you got married?

 We dated for 4  years before getting engaged and we were engaged for a year.

What’s the hardest thing about being married?

 I think it’s a challenge to effectively communicate and stay on the same page with someone every single day of your life.  We put our best foot forward daily, but inevitably miscommunications happen because we’re two different people who sometimes have different perspectives.

 What’s the best thing you’ve ever done for your marriage?

There are definitely things you have to be really intentional and collaborative about as a married couple. But working on things together has made a world of difference in our communication, understanding, and love for one another.

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