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I like to start by sharing this: prioritization works. So, give it a whirl — I have even created a template you can use to try it out! Just download, print a few copies, and spend part of each day this week focusing on the few things that matter most. I think you’ll be surprised by how much you actually get done.

Stretching anytime is a great way to “awaken” your body and get it ready for action. Stretching loosens up your body while increasing blood flow to your muscles.

Look forward to your daily routine as a positive way to begin each day. Learn an easy and effective stretching & exercise program.

Today you’ll do your Monday workout, which means you will work as hard as you can while you are completing each exercise, then you get a rest before repeating. If you want more of a challenge, complete it twice for an intense 20 minute workout!

I have created this ultimate packing list to help you pack well every time. … 

Are you planning to take a camping adventure? If you are, have you ever been camping before? If this is yours first time perfect camping essentials.