Basic mistake comprehensive guide to eco-friendly gift giving

Basic mistake comprehensive guide to eco-friendly gift giving

We spend every day of our lives on this beautiful planet that we call Earth. Everyone loved one, friend, or passerby lives out their lives alongside you on this sphere that is just perfect for us. It’s almost a though the settings had been set to suit us, or we’ve grown to suit the earth. Either way, its temperatures, gravity, atmosphere are what keeps us alive. We forget, however, that the Earth is not gifted to us – we inherit it. It is this very reason that we must strive to protect and maintain it. For we will pass it on once again when the time comes.

We cannot afford to neglect this fact from season to season.


Though it can be tough to maintain sustainability and well-being through the chilling mid-winter months, it’s certainly the easiest time to spread and share the gift of empowerment and self-love. Long evenings spent with family, Christmas dinner/parties, get-togethers with friends – all of these occasions become a new chance to show those your love and appreciation. Thankfully, giving does not have to go hand in hand with wasting. Now, more than ever, there are eco-friendly, sustainable, and recyclable gifts that will not only show your love for those close to you but your love for the Earth.

Here are just some ideas to get you started off on your peace-loving and eco-friendly winter.


Home-made gifts

Receiving a gift filled with love in every knit of a stitch or stroke of a paintbrush is wonderful. Home-made gifts are truly gifts that never stop giving. Every time that hand-knitted scarf protects you from the Winter cold, you’ll be thanking whoever knitted it. Even baking someone a cake has the same loving effect. And how much better does cake taste if it was made with love and care!


Plants and seeds

The humble plant is underrated as a gift. Especially as a sustainable and eco-friendly gift. With minimal care needed and a constant supply of fresh oxygen, the calming effect of a plant is strong. Just having a plant in the background can keep us grounded and at one with nature, reminding us of the beauty of the outside world. A plant can even produce fruit, nuts, or flowers based on what variation you pick. The process of watching parts of the plant grow and wither can also be a rewarding experience that reconnects us to the cycle of the earth.



What better way to ensure that someone blooms into the new year with revived vibrancy and renewed strength by making sure they’re eating nutritiously? Even just one recipe can set someone on the right track. A bit of a push for encouragement could even help. Another fantastic aspect of sharing recipes is that it encourages home-cooking. Home-cooking is known to reduce the amount of waste a household produces tenfold. If you simply don’t have and recipes or aren’t yet ready to share your own, why not pop over and check out the fantastic recipes at this health-promoting website? You’ll find expert recipes for anything from black pepper shrimp to veggie spring rolls. All fantastically healthy dishes for your loved ones to chow down on!


Health and Self-love promoting gifts

Gifts don’t always have to be tangible, sometimes there’s no need to hand over anything. Simply writing out a positive affirmation for a friend or creating a positive quote jar for a loved one is just as lovely (if not often more lovely) than a gift you can unwrap. Give someone the gift of health, self-love, empowerment, and mindfulness while taking care of the planet by heading over to where you will find a plethora of free, downloadable freebies/self-help charts and planners. Sending these on to your loved ones is a great way of showing you’re thinking about them.



So, winter doesn’t have to be a year of needless wrapping paper shreddings and plastic waste. You can have your Christmas cake and eat it by choosing eco-friendly gifts to share with those close to you.



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  1. I have always loved the idea of gifting recipes. It is something that I felt more people should take part in. If you are not good at cooking, making something else! I have a friend who knits beautiful things every year for her family and they always adore what she makes them.

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