Creativity Starts with a Hot Shower

Creative insights can come to us in interesting places. Approximately 72% of the creative insights that people experience come to them in the shower.

You’ve probably heard this cliché before, but it is real. When you get naked and stand-alone underneath hot water that is shooting down at you, it is easy for your mind to go to interesting and creative places. There is definitely a connection between solitary activities like showering and having creative insight. You can get this from any solitary activity, including walking while daydreaming.

Kaufman and Gregoire conducted a study into this connection of how morning showers in isolation can cause ideas to develop in the mind. The famous actor and director Woody Allen attests to this concept because his best ideas come to him in the shower. He’s not the only famous person to claim this either.

In 2014, Kaufman performed a study with participants throughout the globe. Approximately 72% of them reportedly experienced insights and ideas while taking a shower.

Try taking a shower yourself and see if you come up with any new ideas. If you’re like most people, then you’ll come out of that shower loaded with creative insights that you never had before.

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  1. I never knew that there was evidence to back these kinds of things up. I feel like I always come up with my best ideas while in the shower. It’s just so peaceful and calming and I feel like I can really think very clearly.

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