Creative Impulse – The Key to Becoming More Creative

Creative Impulse – The Key to Becoming More Creative

Have you ever experienced a moment when a creative thought just hits you out of the blue?

It is that exact moment that many of you may have witnessed in cartoons and comics, usually represented by a light bulb and commonly referred to as the light bulb moment.

This, however, isn’t the true representation of a creative moment. While the cartoony portrayal is made very obvious with the visual use of a light bulb and some sound effects. It isn’t quite as easy to notice in real life.

To understand that concept clearly, you first need to understand and believe that there aren’t creative and non-creative people. In this world, everyone has the presence of a certain level of creativity in them. It’s just that some people are more quick and comfortable in apprehending it than others.

There are a lot of ways to describe the moment when you are hit by creative thought. Some like to call it a brainstorm, others may call it a creative spark. I personally like to think of that moment as more of an impulse. A creative impulse in fact. The words just seem right to describe the feeling.

Connect with me here if you can. You seem to suddenly have this great creative idea that you think can change the world. But before implementing it, you explore it a bit and realize that it still needs to be polished or fine-tuned.

But that’s not all. Another reason why I like to refer to that creative moment as an impulse is that the initial idea that you get isn’t always something that would actually change the world. It, rather, provides you with a sense of direction. A way to move forward and explore.

And sometimes it is not even an idea. Sometimes, it just feels like a sixth sense guiding you to move in a certain direction. Like something good may be waiting for you on the other side. But there is a problem with these impulses. They are very hard to grasp and comprehend. And honestly, the ability to comprehend that impulse immediately and nurture it fully is all that makes a person more or less creative. Realizing your creative impulse and harboring it can help you increase your levels of creativity tremendously. For this month, I will talk to you how you can get yourself more acquainted with those impulses. And how you can retain and utilize them to increase your creativity.

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  1. Yes, I have had moments where creativity has washed over me so strongly! Unfortunately, it always seems to be when I’m in the middle of something or otherwise unable to act on those creative urges.

    I’ve gotten into the habit of trying to write everything down… I could use some advice on how to turn those ideas into actions.

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