Creating Routine for Better Rest – Night Time Rituals

I want to share with you a few personal rituals that have allowed me to have ritually restful sleeps due to creating daily habits. Here are some routines and habits that incorporate all of the senses into winding down at the end of the day.

Bliss out the bedroom

Your bedroom should be your place of solace and intentionally meant for rest. Creating an environment of relaxation is the foundation of a good night’s rest.

  • Playing music that is peaceful and calms the nervous system is a nice touch. One can find many different meditation playlists of YouTube.
  • A new mattress is also an investment, but one that makes you look forward to crawling into bed at the end of the day. Sleep is so important, and your mattress should be a major priority in your night time routine.
  • Adding aroma not only adds beautiful scents that induce relaxation, like lavender or eucalyptus, but is also adds moisture to the air which prevents skin from getting itchy and noses from getting stuffy. I also like to spritz my pillows with similar relaxing scents. These small touches really make bed inviting and create an intentional routine that signals the body that it’s time to rest.

Eat an apple a day (night)

To signal the end of my day, every night before bed, I cut up an apple into really small slices, and eat it mindfully while reading a book or journaling. This “apple time” routine, has been a habit of mine since I can remember, and it could be easily adapted to your tastes. I.e., enjoying a cup of herbal tea.  Once the apple is done, I close my book, turn off the lights and sink into bed.

  • Taking magnesium either in powder or pill form is also a great sleepy-time aid.

Stay cool

I like to keep my bedroom really cool, there’s something about snuggling under the covers in a cold room that is so comforting at bed time.

Calm and clear is the path to dreamland

Remember when you were reading a book or writing in your journal earlier? This is an excellent way to clear your head of troubles and worries that usually prevent us from falling asleep. The day-to-day tasks can wait, and our mind tends to settle when we address them, such as writing out a to-do list before bed.

  • It also doesn’t hurt to have a lovely and designated sleep outfit that you’re excited about putting on at the end of the day.

Routine has played a big part in my well-being, and my ability to enjoy a peaceful transition into ending my day with necessary rest. I hope these suggested habits are helpful to you as well.

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3 thoughts on “Creating Routine for Better Rest – Night Time Rituals

  1. I have been having trouble sleeping lately so this is perfect timing! I have never heard of eating an apple before bed but that sounds like a good food to have to wind down. Is it okay to eat those and go to bed after? I always brush my teeth before laying down which is why I am asking. Anytime I eat an apple, my teeth never feel dirty so I am thinking it would be fine to eat one after.

  2. I used to like to make it really warm in my room before bed, especially in the winter time. But then I learned that we sleep much better at a more decent temperature and just by making this small change I am sleeping much better. Now I’m trying to implement a routine for sleep.

  3. Keeping my room clean and tidy has helped me sleep better. Being confronted by clutter and a disorganized mess every night was just another stressor negatively affecting the quality of my sleep.

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