We’re fast approaching flu season and cloudy days! The season when you start keeping your remedies close and your tissues closer. What if you didn’t need to carry these tissues around for long though? What if you could be one of the lucky ones this year? One of those people who breeze through colds and the flu? The facts state that the average person will suffer from 2 to 4 colds a year with 15% to 20% also contracting the flu. It’s best to take part in prevention methods but if you feel that cold creeping up and your throat has already started to itch – here’s a few natural home remedies that can stave off any cold or flu and keep you from needlessly reaching for the medicine cabinet.


Vitamin D

During a study that analyzed a whopping 11,000 participants, it was shown that daily doses of vitamin D vastly improved respiratory tract health. This master vitamin even reduced the effects of seasonally induced colds and cases the flu by making sure the body got enough vitamin D – even on cloudy days.



A study conducted in England found that taking zinc supplements regularly could shorten a cold by up to three days. Zinc has even been proven to have those highly sought-after antiviral properties.

Following the recommended dosage is vital when it comes to administering zinc as a cure. Surpassing the recommended amount can lead to nausea and even temporary loss of smell if taken nasally.



Though not immediately intuitive, menthol’s cold-busting properties are used in one of the most commonly used recourses against the side effects of colds and cases of flu. Vapor rub is partially made up of crushed menthol intended to be administered nasally. Why not go directly to the source and crush up a few of your own menthol leaves?



Used throughout a variety of cultures, the antimicrobial, antiviral and antibacterial properties of garlic have been touted down throughout the centuries. It is thought to be the allicin compound that converts into different variations of potent sulfur that kicks harmful cold and flu particles to the curb. Garlic works effectively whether taken as a supplement or added to food. If you’re feeling particularly daring and fed up with your stuffy nose, you could always eat a whole clove!



Honey is an antimicrobial agent that allows it to fight off the bacteria that lead to colds and cases of flu. Not only can the molecular properties of honey stave off a nasty cold, but its physical properties are also helpful. Being naturally thick and viscous honey is able to soothe the irritated mucous membranes of the respiratory tract that lead to the cough reflex. This miracle property will



You’re going to have to harken back to your school days to really appreciate this one. Salt can pull water through a membrane by means of osmosis. The thinking of using this property as a cold buster is that the germs, bacteria and any other harmful bacteria lodged in your throat can be extracted effectively and painlessly by using salt.


Reduce stress and get enough sleep

Lack of sleep and heightened stress can completely weaken and compromise your immune system. Keep your body’s natural armor against bacteria and germs by sleeping up to 8-hours a night Ideal Sleep Schedule By Age and taking part in meditation or whatever soothes your mind.


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