Hi!  My name is Xeing (pronounced “Zing” which goes well with my zest for life!), and I’m so excited to share all of my passions with you!  I’ve recently been lucky enough to fulfill my dream of making my passions my work, but it’s been quite a journey getting here!

I grew up in Laos but moved to Canada, and studied Graphic Design at George Brown College in Toronto, which led me to work in Marketing Communications.  I am married to an amazing husband, and we have two wonderful girls who fill my life with so much joy!  We now live in Saskatchewan.  Moving here sparked so much exploration for me and is what brought me to the point of creating this site!

I have always been passionate about food and art.  After I got married and moved away from my family and big-city living, and there wasn’t as much diversity of food and culture in my new town.  I realized that the only way to change this was to learn! I taught myself to be a better cook, motivated by the desire to enjoy and share the same flavours I experienced growing up with my mother’s delicious cooking.

There are many benefits to living in a smaller community, but jobs are harder to find and there’s less variety in the types of work available.  I found that I didn’t have any interest in any of the jobs I was qualified for, so I started doing research on how to improve my skills.  I developed my interests in homeopathy, healthy eating, and fitness. I reduced the amount of carbs in my diet and noticed that my body felt better.  I began stretching daily and enjoyed feeling my body grow more functional.

This is when the magic happened: as I applied my new skills to my life, I started to take even more interest in them.  I realized how much better they work when applied together. As my interests grew and multiplied, so did my passion for sharing my knowledge and lifestyle.  The idea for this blog began to grow as a way to share my expertise, recipes, adventures, and flavor of life with all of you!

I love my job and I’m extremely happy to do what I do.  As a wife and mother, having the flexibility to do work that I love and create my own schedule is something I don’t take for granted.  This blog was something I was scared to do for a long time. What allowed me to push through the fear and jump in was knowing that I’d be creating work for myself that I’m excited to do.  Living my passion every day is a wonderful gift that I’m privileged to share!

I started blogging in early 2019, and you are reading the result!  It may be a lot of work, but I wanted to bring my vision of a space like this to life with Common Thought.  A place where all the different areas of living a balanced, healthy life intersect, all on one page.  

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