50th anniversary of Earth Day – in April 22

50th anniversary of Earth Day – in April 22

Today, there are many benefits in celebrating Earth Day. People are giving more appreciation to mother nature and anyone can do something for her!

Join us on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day – in April 22.

You’re invited to take action: Share what you’re doing, today and from wherever you are.


What you’re fighting for? It could be for your children, for frontline communities, for safe drinkable water or any other reason!

Also, what makes you act, why are you in this fight?

Add your voice for this global demand for action with #EarthDay2020


Earth Day’s idea was established back at the 60’s, by a group of people that were concerned about the state of the environment and the path that humanity is on. In 22nd April, 1970 the first demonstration for the environment took place with tens of millions people.

In the 90’s, it was decided to make an annual Earth day, every year at the 22nd of April.


There are so many things that you can do in order to help our planet, other people and the environment. Here are few of them:


Plant a tree

Trees are often called the “lungs” of Earth. They emit oxygen and absorbs co2. The trees and forests were damaged badly by humanity, especially with the recent fires in the Amazon and Australia, and the world is in huge need of more trees to balance the air we breath.


Try to find a local organization that can help and guide you through the process.



Recycling is such an important process nowadays. In our high consuming society we buy a lot of things which we end up throwing away. These things end up in huge piles of trash which are expected in the coming decades to grow as large as cities!

Also, the amount of trash pollutes the environment and damages the animals.


Through recycling we can use the already used items to create newer ones which also leads to not wasting anymore resources from nature.


Avoid driving private vehicles as much as you can

The excessive use of private vehicles is one of the most polluting sources of the planet, which also leads to big traffic jams and not enough parking spaces, that oftentimes lowers people’s life quality by making them mad and hostile towards others.


In this Earth Day, try to avoid driving in any vehicle at all. Instead use your bicycle or walk. If those solutions aren’t available for you, try using public transport.

Also, try implementing and finding other solutions for the days after Earth Day, to help our planet as much as possible.


Reducing food waste

Today, approximately 1 out of 10 people suffers from hunger, while 3 out of 10 are overweight. There is enough food to feed all the people in the world, but it’s not distributed equally and about third of it is wasted.


The things that you can do to balance this is to be in more control of the food you eat, whether it’s the supplies you buy and the food you make at home, or the food you eat in restaurants.

Make sure you buy and order the amount you need, and don’t be afraid of leftovers!



There are a lot of small things that we can change in our everyday life, and if a lot of people will join hands, learn about the ways they can help the Earth, and do it together, we can save our planet!


Join environmental movements in your local communities and educate your children about why it’s important to help save the planet and how they can help.


Hopefully, people can and will wake up from this consuming driven world and create a new system to thrive and care for each other and the environment, in a more sustainable way.


Each and everyone of us has a favourite green spot, a place we would like to see preserved, an environment we want to see healthy for as long as possible. and it’s all up to us.


We are opinion leaders and have influence. We have to stop doubting that. Celebrating Earth day is about showing that we can take action at our level to change people’s behaviour as consumers, citizens, parents, friends, volunteers and workers, and to make conscious choices about our future.


This year, I’m planning to read a good book, so I downloaded a library book to read, since everything is closed.

What are your plans for Earth Day and what books would you recommend or share?






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One thought on “50th anniversary of Earth Day – in April 22

  1. I actually did something this year for Earth Day. I purchased 1 baby trees and planted them in my yard! It was a lot of fun to do by myself but I am proud of it. I also purchased a few birdhouses online and hung them in places around my property. I have one that is right off the house and a pair of birds have already started building a next there. I was so happy!

    The Article really give good advice what I would do for earth day. Thanks.

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