How Do You Remodel a Camper?

How Do You Remodel a Camper?

When faced with the daunting task of remodeling a camper, most people assume the best course of action is to completely gut the inside of the camper and to rebuild everything from scratch. While this is one way to accomplish a renovation, it is not always the most cost effective plan, and can lead to doing much more work than is needed. Ultimately, how much you want to do is up to you, but there are effective ways to update a camper without breaking your budget or your back.

Dealing with walls and ceilings can be intimidating, however, there is no need to fret! The walls and ceiling of campers, especially older models of RVs, are generally pretty lackluster. When starting on a renovation, this is where most people begin. For the ceiling, it is important to make sure the materials used originally are still in good shape. As long as they are, priming and painting can make a huge difference. The same goes for the walls. New wallpaper, or some primer and paint, can make a noticeable difference to the area. If you want to take it one step farther, replacing light fixtures and/or sconces can also be a large improvement.

How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Camper Trailer?

Of course, one concern is going to be cost. Most people only use their RVs when vacationing, so it only makes sense that a person would not want to have the repercussions of a large renovation expense on a space they will not be living in or spending a large amount of time occupying. Even if one is living in their camper, chances are that person is not going to want to spend thousands to spruce up their living area. That having been said, there are many ways to save some money while getting an updated look. 

For paint, check around your local supply stores. In many stores, especially bigger chains, there are often wrong colored mixes that sell for a discounted amount. Check with people who are also remodeling a home or area to see if they have leftover paint that they would sell for a discount. The same can be said with other supplies. Want to update your counter? Check with others in your area who are renovating. If they are throwing out a counter that is still nice, see if they will throw it your way! 

Finding good furniture and decor on a budget is much simpler than most assume. For these pieces, check with local markets, thrift stores, garage sales, home auctions, and online marketplaces. Doing this can save a renovator hundreds of dollars. 

If a renovator is in need of RV-specific parts, a salvage yard can be the best place to visit. Salvage yards generally allow people to pick and choose the parts they want, and at an extremely discounted price. Online marketplaces are also a goldmine of parts, materials, and decor. With these resources, remodeling an RV camper is completely feasible and within reach. 






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