2020 Events Recap

2020 Events Recap

What unexpected events the year 2020 unveiled! From the death of the NBA legend Kobe Bryant, to the spread of COVID-19, BLM protests and many more, the year came with a bag load of surprises for anyone who must have made projections or expectations for another landmark in the century. This article highlights how Canada is affected by the events of the year in healthy living and lifestyle.

On January 20th, a report was released which places Canada as number one in the list of countries with the best quality of life. Canada came first owing to its achievement in providing a universal health system, strong employment bracket, a stable political system, and a safe environment.

On January 25th, the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) was first reported in Toronto. The virus had been raging since the Wuhan Province of China and it spread to so many countries in the world.

April 18th saw a man named Gabriel Wortman impersonate the police carried out attacks shooting and burning 16 locations in Nova Scotia. The series of attacks ended up with 23 people dead including the attacker while 3 people were injured. The attack has been tagged “deadliest in Canadian history”. The motives of the attacker are unknown, and investigations are still ongoing.

Back to the Coronavirus pandemic, the pandemic infected over 400,000 Canadians with over 13000 deaths. This led to a new way of living the year 2020 where towns and cities, malls, cinemas, clubs, schools, and other public places were on a lockdown. Face mask, social distancing, staying safe and self-isolation became some of the most used words in a COVID-19 era. One of the biggest headline news of COVID-19 included celebrities and politicians around the world who reported to have contracted the virus. UK’s Boris Johnson, US president Donald Trump and some other leaders in the world contracted the virus. In Canada, the wife of the Prime Minister, Sophie Trudeau also tested positive to the virus while a Canadian actor Nick Cordero died because of complications from the virus.


Sequel to the killing of a black man named George Floyd by a police officer in the US, protests spread to Canada. Tagged “Black Lives Matter”, the protests were a movement for racial justice in the US, but all the territories and provinces of Canada had protesters who sometimes held vigils demanding for racial justice. As at the time of writing this article, the protests are still ongoing.

Beginning around August, many IT firms and government services in Canada reported cyber-attacks with the COVID-19 theme. Surveys found out that most of the attacks were intended for phishing and contact tracing of COVID-19 victims by those who hope to profit from the test reports.

After so many reports and trials of vaccines for COVID-19, a vaccine was finally approved for Canada on December 9. Health Canada approved Pfizer-BioNtech Vaccine and doses are already being shot.

No doubt the year 2020 shook the world in a way least expected. COVID-19 is expected to start winding down soon because of the vaccine even though some countries are already recording a second wave of the virus. As the month of December is gradually coming to an end, projections and expectations are still on. Will the year 2021 be a continuation of the crises from the current year? Will 2021 be a completely different year?

Here’s hoping you make the most of 2021!




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