Sleep Disorders: What You Should Know

A disorder can be short-term or long-term and it can impact anyone from children to elders. There are quite a few kinds of sleeping disorders, but the most common ones are below.

The Ideal Sleep Schedule By Age

 Making sure that you are getting the right amount of sleep for your age and development bracket is critical to protecting your health, overall wellness and your happiness.

What Is The Difference Between Tired And Sleepy?

Do you get insufficient sleep? Do you feel extremely tired for no reason?

After Funeral Gatherings in Pakistan

Birth and death are a huge part of our lives regardless of where we live and what religion we follow. Depending on your religion and region, the gatherings and rituals that follow these events are also different.

Funerals in Brazil: a Time of Mourning and Unity

Brazil is a tropical country in South America with some strong Catholic and Portuguese traditions, but also heavily influenced by the high humidity and temperatures it faces during most of the year.

Rituals And Customs After a Funeral in South Africa

The most world-renowned culture in South Africa is the Xhosa culture. Despite the fact that it has many interesting rituals and customs it is not globally popular for this reason, but for the fact that Nelson Mandela was in fact a Xhosa man.

The eastern European (or Romanian ) way of dealing with loss

Each culture has its own way of dealing with the departure of a loved one, its own ways of handling it, of finding solace and peace after the event. One common element is the gathering after the funeral and the community involved.

Creativity Starts with a Hot Shower

The famous actor and director Woody Allen attests to this concept because his best ideas come to him in the shower. 

Well-being through Light and Art

You entered a room and it made you feel different, better. Have you ever wondered why that happened?

What was it that made you feel that way?

Creative Impulse - The Key to Becoming More Creative

For this month, I will talk you how you can get yourself more acquainted with those impulses.  How you can retain and utilize them to increase your creativity.

Jumpstarting creativity Part 2

Professor and developmental psychologist Howard Gardner makes a very interesting contribution to the field of intelligence theory and states that there are multiple intelligences (eight). This opens a whole new world to the creatives.

Jumpstarting creativity Part 1

Essential to jumpstarting your creativity is to choose something you don’t normally do. Try stepping out of your comfort zone. If your comfortable creative zone is music, try exploring your bodily-kinesthetic intelligence for a change.

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